Jan-Erik Grebe

Swiss state recognized psychotherapist,

professional psychologist for psychotherapy (FSP),

supervisor and training psychotherapist

In a current crisis as well as in worries about familiar and recurring problems, I offer you a professional contact and will listen to you. For that it is most important to me to give you a safe and respectful atmosphere, in which you can talk freely.

approach and method

Psychotherapy, counseling and coaching for adults and adolescents, as well as supervision and training psychotherapy.


In addition to the therapistic acitivities, I also make reports for adoption procedures (psychological reports on adoption).


My method is psychodynamic oriented and takes place in a classical psychotherapistic setting, while sitting in view of each other.


I work with a wide range of people with diffent kinds of problems or illnesses:

  • Life and identitiy crises
  • Situations of reorientation
  • relationship and family conflicts
  • mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsions, personality disorders and many others)
  • Parenthood crises and problems related to developmental psychology (motherhood/fatherhood)
A special focus of mine is the work with adolescents and young adults and the specific needs and worries of their phases of life.
Payment is possible via insurance or you can pay yourself.

educational activities

Since 2014 lecturer at the Heidelberger Institut für Psychotherapie (HIP) for following themes:

  • Seminar about the treatment of adolescents and young adults
  • Introductory lecture in psychology of the self
  • Casuistry

Since 2021 lecturer at the Psychoanalytisches Seminar Zürich (PSZ) for the theme of psychology of the self.


As well as lectures to "adolescence" and "climat, crisis and global defense".

professional activities

Since 2023 additional course in supervision (SuWE).


Since 2022 supervisor and training psychotherapist at the "Psychoanalytisches Seminar Zürich" (PSZ).


Since 2020 psychotherapist at the "Arche für Familien" (family and educational counseling) in addition to the practice.


Since 2019 supervisor and training psychotherapist.


Since 2015 working in private practice.


Psychotherapist at an ambulatorium of the Clienia AG, Wetzikon, main focus: sleeping disorders. (2014 - 2016)


Psychotherapist in 'contatct' youth counseling, Affoltern am Albis. (2014 - 2015)


Psychotherpist at the Darmstädter Kinderkliniken, suicide and crisis counseling and prevention. (2013 - 2014)


Ambulant psychotherapy in a private practice, Darmstadt. (2013 - 2014)


Psychologist at the Vitos Klinik, Heppenheim, acute psychiatric setting (main focus: personality disorders), psychiatric day unit and psychosomatics. (2009 - 2013)

training and further education

Further eduation in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Heidelberger Institut für Psychotherapie (HIP).


University studies of psychology (Diplom-Psychologe).


Basic course in Gestalttherapy at the Gestalt Institute Frankfurt (GIF).

therapy languages


phone: 078 824 40 75

email jan-erik.grebe@psychologie.ch



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Jan-Erik Grebe

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